Crowned Miss International, Elena Dunder, is going to surprise at New York Fashion week

Miss Ukraine is  going to smash the New York Fashion week

Elena officially  have shared some news about American Fashion week   and all the glory that fell on her head after winning Miss Ukraine International.

«I am very honored  to get a proposal for performing at the world fashion stage that every model could ever dream about ..   New York Fashion week is a new level in my career .. and I’m happy to share this news»

Reminding, that Elena is going represent Ukraine at the  Miss International 2021 in the USA.

 Victory in international beauty competitions — is not her first experience.

 She is  the winner and owner of  the most prestigious titles in the global beauty industry:

 Miss Europe International 2019

 Miss Ukraine World International 2020

Elena is TV presenter and international model, the face of famous world designers and brands therefore attends  multiple fashion shows such as Milano Fashion week  -Paris Fashion week.

She often appears on covers of fashion magazines, red carpets of musical awards  and film festivals such as Cannes Film Festival..

 a founder of «The Souls Beauty» charitable foundation for helping children.

-You often perform at fashion weeks in Ukraine and internationally, we know you were invited to Milano and Paris fashion weeks. This time it’s New York Fashion week

Tell us more ? How did you get invited? 
- After winning the Miss Ukraine and have all this glory fall on my head- I got many proposals from famous designers and brands to cooperate and one of them actually proposed me to perform at New York fashion week.. I was extremely happy about this suggestion and confirmed it. I have never been to the USA but seems like its time…since Miss International is also going to be there too…Im glad to share this news with you now officially!

Elena, you will represent Ukraine at Miss International 2021. How do you prepare?

— I am incredibly happy and proud that I became the winner and  Miss Ukraine International 2021 . It is a great honor to represent Ukraine, my native and beloved country, in the USA at the Miss International 2021 contest  at summer. I have already begun active preparation, in addition to collecting the appropriate clothes, we have prepared  video card in order to represent the country and me in America properly. The work is in full swing, I feel the support of many caring people, I believe in my victory. I’d like to bring the title to Ukraine!

 Do people recognize you on the streets as TV work  gives instant popularity?

 — Certainly. This is such a characteristic of television. Whoever works there for a certain time will certainly become popular and recognizable. The main thing is not to lose your head so as not to lose all the success that instantly falls on you. I am recognized in the beauty salons that I visit, in stores and just on the street. Someone just smiles, and someone asks for a photo or an autograph. It is especially pleasant when you are sitting in a restaurant and your music program is shown on the screens.

 How do you combine modeling, participation in beauty contests and work on TV?

 There should be a golden mean in everything. I try to pay attention to everything in the same way that I do. Now, after winning the Miss Ukraine International  contest, I’m all in preparation for the Miss International  contest, which will be held in the USA. I want to adequately represent the country and show myself to the whole world.

 You worked not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. What distinguishes modeling work here and there?

Actually in addition to working in Ukraine, I was invited many times to shoot and screenings abroad. Mainly to Europe. The last ones where I worked were Germany and Italy. Everything there is all on a completely different level. It is really a profession there.

In Ukraine, it’s like a hobby.  A contract is officially drawn up abroad and the fees are several times higher than the Ukrainian ones.

Impressive news! What about your plans and dreams for the near future, generally?

As for the dream: I want to have time for self-realization as much as possible, to meet a loved one  and build a happy family.

    Thank you for your time ..

    Elena,   may all your goals and dreams come true…We will be looking forward to hear more news from you..

Yuliya Yarmarkina
Yuliya Yarmarkina

Chief Editor

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