Elena Dunder: I dream of bringing the Miss International 2021 title to Ukraine!

One of the most famous beautiful women in the country is preparing to conquer America in a popular beauty contest. Read in an interview all about preparation and about the qualities a participant should have.
 – Elena, you will represent Ukraine at Miss International 2021. Where will the contest take place and how do you prepare?

– I am incredibly happy and proud that I became the winner and the owner of Miss Ukraine International 2021 title. It is a great honor to represent Ukraine, my native and beloved country, in the USA at the Miss International 2021 contest next summer. I have already begun active preparation, in addition to collecting the appropriate clothes, we are working on video materials and a business card in order to represent the country and me in America properly. The work is in full swing, I feel the support of many caring people, I believe in my victory. I’d like to bring the title to Ukraine!

 – Elena, do you remember your first beauty contest?

It’s impossible to forget. The sweetest memories, since my first contests began in kindergarten and school. This gave me an interest in beauty contests.

The point is not that you will be called the best, but in all this extravaganza of beauty.

– Why do you think there is such a boom in beauty contests now?  A lot of girls want to participate all over the world, what does it give?

It seems to me that the girls taking part in the contest want not only to show their beauty, but also to demonstrate their talents, hobbies and erudition. All this helps to take off to a new level, make acquaintances, show yourself to the world and take the best from it. Participation in contests is a good support for your career to go up. Many girls have their own charitable foundations and having the title it is much easier to raise money to help those people who are in need. For example, after the last beauty contest, where I became the winner and won the title of Miss Europe International 2019, I received a lot of proposals for cooperation with stores, fashion brands, beauty salons. I signed a contract with a famous designer, I was invited to the cover of a Ukrainian magazine. In addition, I want to show the whole world that not only external beauty is important, but also internal.

– What qualities should you have to charm the judges and to get the victory?

First of all, you need to be yourself and not try to be someone else. You see, the judges feel everything, they can’t be fooled. Definitely, you need to be charismatic and self-confident. You should always develop your inner qualities and be charming.

Thank you, Elena, for the interview! 

We wish you victory!

Yuliya Yarmarkina
Yuliya Yarmarkina

Chief Editor

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